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    possible ultra 150?

    i might buy an ultra 2001 150. it looks to have thrown a rod cuse the guy says that there is a small hole in the motor. what might have caused this problem and if i do get it what is the best rout to go about fixing it? get a new sbt motor? get the hole welded in? get a new block? and is there anything i should know in general about the ultra 150? and what else should i be looking at? thanks

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    Usually if you have a hole in the crankcase then you also have either a broken piston or a bad crankshaft, or both. At the least you need a new crankcase upper and lower and a new piston. At the most you also need a crankshaft and cylinder. I wouldn't put an SBT motor in anything I was going to keep and maybe not even then.

    I hope its cheap otherwise it's not worth the trouble. You can expect to spend atleast $900 to fix it yourself or about $2000+ if you pay someone else. $600 for the cases and $300 for pistons and rings plus anything else you find.

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    does the 150 have 3 individual cylinders and cranks or is the crank one piece? also where can i find a good place to get a crank or a crankcase? thanks

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    You can buy directly from Kawasaki for the cases. The cases have to be machined together so you need to buy the set. The cylinders are individual and the crank is one unit.

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    buying from kawasaki would be like $600. what about geing onr from a junkyard or somone parting one out? how much could i expect to pay then?

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    I have a good crank that I am selling out of my 2001 Ultra

    Ultra 150 Parts

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    Most likely cause is a broke piston skirt. It gets caught and the crank shoves it through the engine case. New from kawi the case is $570. It very likely got the cylinder too, thats another $500. Good news is you can find the parts used for way cheaper but you can use the high numbers to negotiate. If the hole in the case is small you may be able to find a good machine shop to weld it.

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    how much should i expect to pay for this ski? a trailer is included?

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    Prices very with regions but here I wouldn't give more than $1500 if the rest was "Cherry".

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    i bought the ultra!! it is a very cool ski and much easier to work on than my polaris. anyway i took the motor out and tore it down and this is what i think i need? a new crankcase, piston, cylinder, and maybe a head? i think the crank is okay but am not sure. anyway does anyone have recomendations on parts as far as pistons and such? or does anyone have these parts avaliable for sale? the motor has 127 hours on it so should i rebuild all the cylinders and pistons or just the one? any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much for everyones help.

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