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    2008 Challenger 180 Spooling up?

    We have a brand new Challenger 180, from a stop when you accellerate to 3/4 or WOT the engine seems to almost spool up before it gets any accelleration. Almost like it get going slowly and then you hear the RPM's drop and then it begins to accellerate rapidly. is this normal? Is the the same thing you guys are seeing with the Twin engine Challengers and such?


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    That sounds like cavitation to me...Your impeller is cavitating then it starts to hook up which is why your rpm's drop which is somewhat normal for a stock impeller. Alot of us are working towards zero cavitation and more top-end utilizing aftermarket impellers (solas and skat-trak) that have different degrees of bend (pitch).

    A solas 13/18 might be a good starting point for your boat and with a few mods you could probably turn a 14/19. The 3 blade impellers (skat-trak) will provide better bottom end with slightly less top end compared to the 4 blade impellers (Solas, stock unit) will give better top-end but won't be quite as strong as the 3 blade on bottom...make sense?

    Either way with our big boats you're going to experience some cavitation, you'll just have to learn how to feather on the power to avoid it.


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    Yuji is right, cavitation, some from a dead stop to wide open is normal with our boats but yours sounds excessive! This could also be caused by a worn pump liner, or a damaged impeller, sometimes it is as simple as something like weeds or a plastic bag being lodged in the scoop grate or pump(front), climb under and look!

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    A new boat should not cavitate. At least my 06 c180 never did till I sucked up rocks, but thats another story.
    How long does it take you to get on plane. In stock form it should take around 3 seconds.
    Are you getting any water in the hull? Is there excessive vibration at any specific RPM?
    Also get underneath with a light and ensure that the silicone does not have any voids where the ride plate meets the hull and also where the black plastic pump shoe meets the hull.

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    Id say after reading its pretty normal not to excessive. Id say about 3 seconds to plane however when pulling 2 tubes it can take probably btwn 6 and 8 seconds but id blame that all on a TON of drag the tubes are creating. The boat only has 5 hours on it right now so I seriously doubt its a damaged impeller but you never know, ill check it out just to make sure tho. thanks for the good info

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    If you are trying to pull one of those big bertha type tubes with three people then you are gonna have issues. I tried pulling one of those and it was a real chore. The smaller one or two person tubes are much easier.
    Jet boats are not real good at pulling heavy loads and the C180 is the most underpowered of the lot in stock form.
    Also since you only have 5 hours on it the computer is actually still limiting the power output of the engine. This is BRP's built in breakin safety net. You should start getting full power somewhere around 10 hours.
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    758 only have 5 hours and the boat is actually not performing as it should, the ignition timing is now retarded by the ECU for the first 10 hours....wait shouldn't have any problem pulling it after.

    But like a stock form this boat is not the most powerful creature out there...mine is already at Stage 2 because of it is better.

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