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    Honda foot wells fill with water?

    I purchased a 06 Kawasaki stx 900 last fall and this is the first time I have taken the ski out. My impressions were that it rode great! I also purchased a 04 honda rx12x, and brought it out for the first time today as well. It was even faster the the KAW. I did notice that my honda is alot faster than the kaw, however was not as stable as the kaw. I know that my honda is a two seater and the stx is a three, and three seaters are more stable, however it is a very big difference. What I noticed was when my wife and I rode together on the honda, I noticed that I had alot of water coming in onto the foot rests and wants to flip over, specifically to the right. I did not have any water coming in and pooling in the foot area of the Kaw. Is this common?? Are Hondas known for this? Why is water pooling in the foot rest of the honda? What I noticed was that when water was pooling, I would have to suddenly take off quickly to get rid of the water, or else I would flip the ski. Any suggs? When I rode by myself on the Honda it was fine, however with two people on it did this. I'm a little frustrated with this. I was going to sell the KAW, and keep the Honda, but now, I'm thinking twice. thanks in advance!!
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    I just got an 05 R-12X and yes the foot well water is an issue with them. I only have a couple hours on it and no experience with other skis. I am interested to hear more about your riding 2 up. How much do you and your rider weigh? Does the ski feel like it will tip over or does it flip? Please let me know.


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    I only weigh 125 pounds. My wife about 100 pounds and when we are both on the ski, the foot wells fill with water. I guess from splashing. When the wells are filled with water, it does want to flip over, specifically the right side. It does ok, with just me on there. I'm glad to hear that it is not my ski, How can we fix this? Is there a fix??

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    Wow, you guys are light. I have not seen a fix for it, guess we could use some kind of pump?

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    does anybody else with a honda have this problem?

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    I am not surpised you are loosing stability when the foot wells fill with water. It is the design of the boat that is the cause of it since the foot wells form more of a pocket on the R-12x. I have a similar foot well issue with my XP when i run with a full tank of fuel, the boat becomes very top heavy. The R-12X and the XP are fairly narrow skis that are really not meant to take a lot of weight without being tippy.

    This is the price you pay for having a more nimble and performance oriented boat. As for a fix, you may want to consider installing a drain tube in the foot wells that drains to the outside of the hull, i am not sure if the R-12X already has one or not, if so, maybe consider installing a larger diameter tube.

    This fix will solve the problem but is not particularly nice since you will be drilling through the hull so it needs to be sealed properly. There may even be kits out there.

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    This is common for the R12,
    The footwells hold a lot of water when they get tippy at low speeds, they fill up, can cause the ski to be unstable... I too had to accelerate out of it when the ski felt as if it was tipping.... usually not a problem until I go to dock it or put it on the trailer...
    Also it is suggested to ride with the trim in when riding two up for a bit more stability....

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    Hi, from North Wales.
    Just got my first Honda, R12X.
    Out on Saturday and had the same problem, footwell's full at low speed, on my own though.
    Just put it down to design, had to keep accelerating hard

    I can put up with it for the sake of the performance and handling.

    Just sold my RXP for the Honda and will be racing it at the end of July.

    Happy Days.

    Taffy's on Tour

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