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    6 month old gas, what to do??

    we all have this problem, those of us up north who winterize.
    fuel tanks full of stabilized gas, that has been sitting for 6 to 8 months.
    now its spring, and the crappy ethanol gas is gettin stale.
    what to do??
    any tricks?
    add drygas maybe?
    pump it all out and run in our cars/trucks? but what about the car/truck engine??
    run it thru ski and then run some techron(4tec) or startron (2stroke)
    to clean the fuel system out?
    then change plugs...
    anyone have any suggestions??
    i got at least 25 gallons in 3 skis to worry about, and another 40 in a boat...

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    If its got stabil in it just run it. I ran 16 gallons thorught my 06 rxp in the beggening of last summer and the ski ran great. Everyone was saying that it runs like crap from the old gas and all this other stuff but my ski didnt feel any different at all and was turning 8160 the whole time. Id say if they fire up and idle smoothly then run it through then change the plugs and ull be fine.

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    It has been close to 11 months since I've ran either of my skis. I didn't add anything to the gas and they ran perfectly when I had them out a couple of weekends ago. The tanks were almost full because after the rxp blew up last year I was pissed and just put them away in the garage. I did have to charge the batteries and I changed the oil.

    Last year after I added stabil to the tanks (end of summer 2006) I had all kinds of problem 6 months later with fouled plugs. The lesson I learned (with California gas anyway) is to not worry about the gas going bad unless it starts to gel.

    But if you are worried just drain it and put it in the mower or one of your cars.
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    with The Price Of Fuel Nowadays, And We Haven"t Hit Summer Yet? ......GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!! I'll put it to GOOD use....

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    on my stock ski i just pump in premium to even it out. it works just fine for me. I kinda notice it being a little sluggish but it usually goes away. Just try to end your season on an empty tank. Or you can just siphon it out.

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    I stabilize my gas before I put them away for the winter, they seem to run just fine in the spring..... I will be putting mine on the water for the first time this season at the end of this week

    weather here in the midwest has sucked major balls this spring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammer 1 View Post
    with The Price Of Fuel Nowadays, And We Haven"t Hit Summer Yet? ......GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!! I'll put it to GOOD use....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MVR 155 View Post
    weather here in the midwest has sucked major balls this spring

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    I really think the trick with winterizing is the less gas in the tank the better. Last year I topped the tank off and threw stabil in it. Ski didn't run to good the first 2 tanks. Down on speed by 2~3mph and RPM by 200+. This past winter I left 1 bar of fuel in it and put stabil in. This gas and stabil sat in the tank for 8 months. Before the first ride this year I topped it off with fresh 93oct. Went out warmed the ski up, then kept it below 6000 RPM for 30 min. After that I did 2 speed runs in opposite directions got 8100 RPM and 75.2mph and 75.4mph. Ski pulled like a raped ape too. Much better than the year before. I'm sticking with this method from now on.

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    At $4 bucks a gallon im runnin the shit

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