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    Fuel Guage for XL 700 ??

    I continue to discover that I should have done more homework before buying my skis. During break-in of the rebuilt engine it occurred to me that I apparently don't have a fuel gauge on my 2000 XL700. It only has a low oil sensor, which I no longer need (went pre-mix) after rebuilds.

    Is it easy to install a fuel gauge on this ski using parts from a different model or an aftermarket kit? If yes, can anyone tell me what parts will fit? If no, how do other owner's keep track of their gas usage (try to monitor hours and periodically check under the hood)? Something tells me that my kids are going to repeatedly run out of gas if I don't come up with something.

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    I replied on the other site about how to add a gauge but keep in mind this ski does great on fuel and has a reserve fuel switch

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