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    Anti-seize spray lubricant---AEROKROIL

    This has to be one of the best products that I have come by in a long time. One of my mechanics that works on the airplane that I fly introduced me to this great product. I had some salt ridden frozen bolts that broke the heads right of on my ski. I had tried everything including heat and they wouldn't budge. Anyway I sprayed this stuff on and in an hour the bolts were able to be broken free with a simple pair of pliers.

    The website is
    We use the AERO KROIL. Its worth every penny!!!
    Guys take a look at the website and I would definitely say get a can and try it yourself!!!!

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    I've been using this stuff for over 17 years at the plant I work at. It frees up the most rusted valves and knocker-wheels in no time !!
    2 thumbs up on this stuff !

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