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    Red face 1996 SL 900 Spark Question

    Just bought an SL 900 with spark problem and suspect will need stator upgrade kit. My situation is I have spark on 2 of 3 cylinders. I doubt the coil pack is faulty as those boys never die (from past experience)... Should I just bite the bullet and replace the stator? What test can I do to test the stator? If I have to replace stator can I do it thru the front compartment saving removing the engine or is it a pain in the but???

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    Hi jdog, WELCOME to the Green HUlk Forums!!!
    I would split the box and first make sure it's not updated already.
    Look for a disconnected or broken wire to/from the coil.
    Swap a power supply wire to the coil pack (one the failed spark wire and a good one) If the spark loss follows the wire swap you know it's a bad CDI or stator and not the coil, wire or cap.
    If it's the old style, I'd just update it as you will eventually anyway.

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    Hi Ph2ocraft,

    Thx for reply, I am new to forum and did not know how to find replies, dahhh, found your reply late but really app your comments. I ended up trying all the VOM tests and isolated small shorts in the 1 stator line wire green and also the one coil pack stator wire lead with green also. Sounds like I need both units. Only prob is finding them, the stator seems avail but the coil pack eventhough replaced a few years ago nobody has any, parts NA... I started a new post asking if we can substitute with later model bigger systems... Thx again.

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