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    exhaust cracked 94 raider

    First thanks to all your help I got my raider up and running late last year. I have used sparingly over the winter (live in FL) and took out this last weekend as a tune up check first time in a month. Ran great.

    When I returned I was flushing the engine and found these cracks in the exhaust with water spraying in the engine compartment as I flushed (running the engine). As you hopefully can see it has a U shaped crack on the external exhaust and a approximately 1cm crack at the tip of the inner exhaust where they meet.

    Nothing was hit no specific reason for why this occurred. This is a stock raider with everything working prior. I have seen some people mention the exhaust cracking from what appears closer to the engine block but this is where the exhaust gas and the water meet.

    Here is my questions:

    1. Can I just weld this and not worry (there is oxidation inside).
    2. Do I need to just buy new pieces (Or someone have stock they want to sell)

    3. OR is it less expensive (on a budget thanks to the economy) to get an after market and attach.

    Please let me know your opinions.


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    Any experience with exhaust cracks?

    Does anybody have any experience with exhaust cracks? I figure I can't be the only one with this issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

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