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Thread: LB2CAT 'n Me

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    LB2CAT 'n Me

    NEWSFLASH: May 19 - Legendary PWC Racer, PWC Riding Instructor and PWC Safety School Instructor, Ms. Shawn Alladio to participate in the 2008 LB2CAT!

    I am going to get my ski in gear. I'll have to be in Ohio for an AWA Safety Day on the 19th, work all day and hang out with the greatest AWA members in the Tri-State area, get on a red eye flight to LAX and then scuttle as fast as I can to the starting line early am. That alone is enough of a race to contend with. I'm really going to enjoy this event, always been one of my fav's...raced in the first one back in the day on a stand-up, well a couple of times until they were banned. I first raced a sit down on this event and it was really a psycological horror for me to cross over. (no disrespect).
    Looking forward to the adrenaline flush!
    See you at the gate, hopefully I'll be on time, if not I'll pick up the rear and finish last.
    Cha Cha

    2008 Long Beach to Catalina & Back APBA Offshore National Championships Pre-Entry list (send us a note at to pre-register and we will add you to the list):

    1. M. Follmer, FXSHO
    2. M. Gerner, ULTRA250X or RXT
    3. Robert Carreon, ULTRA250X
    4. John Belton, ULTRA250X
    5. Brittany Wildman, ULTRA250X
    6. Ralph Perez, RXT
    7. Steve Friebe, RXP
    8. Nick Vanis, RXTX (Current offshore champ)
    9. Kevin Shaw, ULTRA250X, PWI
    10. Justin Stannard, RXTX, PWI
    11. Davy Szych, PWI
    12. Pat Roque (World Record Holder)
    13. Paul Pham, RXP
    14. Lee Phan
    15. Tom Clark RXP
    16. Stan Schrock
    17. Cheng Leu, RXP
    18. Tony Kwolek, RXP
    19. Sean Conner, RXP
    20. David "Pirate" Tew
    21. John Anick (2004 Offshore Natl Champ)
    22. Shawn Alladio, Stock Kawasaki

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    20. David "Pirate" Tew Polaris Matrix

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    With Shawn there, its official - we now have a TON of talent on the course on July 20! This will be a great event and with Shawn there it will be that much better.

    Yes, could the Pirate-Dave be in the Matrix? I heard the same rumor ; -]

    Come on out and race eveyone, a great race and great PWC community every year at the LB2CAT.

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    I see a bunch of RXPs in line up. I know they are the speedsters yet no one seems to argue they are tougher to control in bigger chop. Are many of the RXPs specially modified for handling or are they just fine as they are for the better riders?

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