The Return of Bluewater Network

We’ve been warning PWC riders not to discount our San Francisco based pals, Bluewater Network, and their desire to turn back the clocks on access. Well, they’re back and coming out swinging; Last week, they filed a suit to repeal hard won personal watercraft access at Gulf Islands National Seashore in Florida, and Picture Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan.

Using the same old worn out propaganda mumbo jumbo from early 1990’s, they claim the National Park Service failed to conduct the rather extensive environmental impact statements in the correct manner: Translation: “The science and facts didn’t go our way, so we want it done again.” Real nice, eh, but then again, these people aren’t real big on integrity, or letting others decide for themselves the way they choose to live.

We expect there to be a hearing soon. Count on us to keep you up to date on this.

AWA, working with our members and friends are ready for the frivolousness of all this. Stand by for more in the coming weeks and months.

What can you do right now?

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Inform your fellow PWC riders: The more people who know about this phony attack on their riding freedoms, the better. Information is power.

Join the AWA. There is no other organization defending your Freedom to Ride. The more members we have, the larger we are, and suddenly the wing dings will start looking else where for someone to complain about.

When PWC Riders stand together as one, we win. When we don’t, free and equal access disappears.

Live Free Think Free. Ride Free
American Watercraft Association