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    Unhappy 1996 slx fuel consumption

    i have 2 1996 polaris skis, one slt780 and an slx 780. the slt seems to sip gas but the slx today went 27 miles (mfd) from topped off to bone dry and towed in. the slt still had a half a tank. i know there is about 5 gallons difference between tanks, but this does not seem right to me. the slx even has better compression than the slt which is: slt 122-125-118 slx 130-130-134. new plugs gapped, carbs and fuel pumps disassembled, cleaned and settings returned to where they were, and the plugs after running, look light brownish and dry on both.
    my question is, is this about right? if not, what should i be looking at?

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    If there isn't a leak somewhere, then it was burned. How was the SLX ridden compared to the SLT?

    WOT uses alot more fuel than cruising.

    Are there any other mods done to it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlantow View Post
    i have 2 1996 Polaris skis, one slt780 and an slx 780.
    The SLT seems to sip gas but the SLX today went 27 miles (mfd) from topped off to bone dry and towed in.
    The SLT still had a half a tank.
    I know there is about 5 gallons difference between tanks...
    Did the low fuel warning appear, and limit RPM to 4200RPM?

    The SLT tank is about 48% larger than the SLX tank. The SLX 780 fuel tank is not only smaller than the SLT, but the reserve level is smaller too.

    1996 SLT 780 fuel capacity 14.5 gallons
    1995 SLT 780 fuel reserve 2.5 gallons (1996 spec?)

    1996 SLX 780 fuel capacity 9.8 gallons
    1995 SLX 780 fuel reserve 1.5 gallons (1996 spec?)

    Oil capacities
    1996 SLX 780 3.5 quarts
    1996 SLT 780 5.5 quarts
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