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    zxi 1100 problem

    My problem sounds similar to this page

    When riding the second time on the ski, it started bogging down and only hitting about 4000 rpms and about 20 mph. i regapped the spark plugs and ran it on the trailer and hit 8000 rpms. I thought it had been fixed.

    Next time it's on the water, still only running 4000. A friend who is pretty mechanically apt had some ideas. He said, maybe it just hasn't been ran and we should run it for a little bit. It did seem to come out, at some points hitting 6000 rpms after running hard. When riding over wakes in the river you could literally here/see the rpms rising up to 7000 while the in the air and back down as it hits the water.

    Later we literally were the only ones on the water so we loaded it on the trailer and just backed in and out with WOT. 8000 out of water, 4000 on water. We went home, cleaned the carbs. The middle carb was clogged, it popped as we blew it out while the other two didn't. So we thought it was better. Ran it on the trailer it sounded a lot better. Backed into the water while on the trailer just to see if it would run, still bogged at 4000 rpms.

    The last thing we tried as using the pressure washer to wash cars and blew it in the jet hoping to unclog anything. Possibly should've blew the other way, I don't know. Some propeller type tree seeds came through but not really a difference. Backed in the water, still didn't go above 4000 rpms.

    Tomorrow I plan on running a water hose to the exhust but after that I am running short on ideas of what could be causing this. I figure it has to be some kind of intake problem since the engine will run fine on the trailer, unless it runs different on land and can red line on two cyls. I'm not exactly sure how that works.

    Any ideas or suggestions, or anyone had the same problem?

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    I just flushed the cooling and bilge systems as per the manual that came with the skis, put in new spark plugs and tried running but to no avail. One thing I should mention is that it does shoot out a great deal of white smoke.

    Any ideas? I have a second ski that is exactly the same so any ideas I can switch one part from the other ski to see if a certain part is faulty

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