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    RIVA Recommends Klotz

    Guys got a question. I'll be using good ole Castrol GTX 10W40 in my RXP but my bud won't. He has a 2002 GPR 1300 and about month ago blowed her up. Piston shot right up and literally shattered the spark plug. He had Riva's Stage II on it and pulled the motor and sent to RIVA to have rebuilt. RIVA said motor looked like she fried from lack of lubrication. Possible oil injection failure?? Anyways, after a $3000 rebuild (yikes!), he is going with the oil injection block off and just going to run mix. RIVA is strongly recommending he run Klotz Synthetic oil and quit using the normal Yamalube oil. I'm just wondering if that is all necessary since Klotz isn't too cheap. Is it better since he'll be pulling oil through the fuel injectors now?

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    On a boat that modified, he shouldn't be running the regular Yami fluid...either the Yami 2R, Klotz, Amsoil Dominator or some other high quality oil.

    The oil for the RXP is completely different - it is motor oil, not 2stroke oil. The motor wouldn't like it much if he ran Castrol 10w40.

    Whether he is premixing or not, he should be running a top of the line oil.

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