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    750 motor pin difference

    I'm going to swap a motor in a 750 ZXI with the 750 engine. I believe this is a big pin motor. Can I put a 750 small pin motor in it? Also, is there something different with the diameter of the crankshaft that I need to be concerned with?


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    I am interested in the answer to this question as well, anyone?

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    Yes you can put a small pin motor in it, but don't mix and match parts. The 1995 and later 750 motors differ greatly from all the previous 750s in several important ways. 1) The wrist pin and big end of the connecting rods have been enlarged for better durability (hence the term "big pin"). This means that the pistons of the early and late engines are not interchangeable. 2) The inlet tracts, reed cages, and carburetors have been downsized slightly to increase inlet tract air speed. This increased airspeed results in much better overall acceleration. 3) The cylinder has much higher exhaust ports than any previous 750s. These larger ports work for these 750s because of the improved low end power offered by the smaller inlet tracts.

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    He is exactly right. The older smallpin motor makes less hp. Although the parts are interchangeable(except pistons) if u start to swap parts around the motor will run like shit

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