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    96 GTX high rpm slow go

    Hello all, just joined forum and have read about half the posts in this section. I think from reading i may have a wear ring issue. I have owned the ski since new and have about 130 hours on it. Didn't use at all last season and took it out yesterday. Started up with no problems and ran fine for about 10 minutes, then started losing speed but rpm's stayed at about 7k. Shut it down fairly soon after problem, would idle ok but very slow out of hole and not much top end. Have never worked on skis but probably need to give this a shot myself. Where would I find details on replacing wear ring if that's the issue and any other suggestons would be appreciated.

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    If it was a wearring issue,it revs up but dosent move very well,like a slipping clutch in a car.

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    welcome to the forum

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    Water Worx...........That is exactly what it is doing. No problem with motor, revs up fine but slow moving. Are there details somewhere on replacing the wear ring. I'm fairly competent on most technical things but would need some specific instructions. Thanks in advance.

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    did you look at the impellor thru the intake grate ? you may have picked up some debris like a wad of algea , it doesnt take much to do the symtpom your describing

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