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    Does your oil level change this much with engine temp?

    Hey guys,

    Did another oil change today and when refilling the oil, I put the level right in the middle between the two marks on the dipstick. Now I did warm the engine up before sucking out my 4 litres, but as you know this takes some time so it had a chance to cool down during the process. Once the oil was full and checked I ran it on the hose for a few minutes. Now my oil level was about 1/4" over the top mark on the dipstick. Let the engine cool down and it's in the middle again.

    I'm a little confused as to when I need to be checking it, as there is a good 1/2 litre or so of difference from hot to cold. I want the level to be correct, and not just for performance, but reliability mostly.

    Thanks guys!

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    You are not seeing things.

    Check the oil when the engine is warm and and the ski level.

    I beleive the oil pan is divided into 2 sections. when you suck the oil out you are only drawing it from the from section. Either I read this here or the mechanic told me, do get the oil fromt he second compartment to the front compartmentput the key in, hold the throttle wide open, and hit start for a second or two. This turns the motor without starting it, and moving the oil so you can get more out.

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    You want it at the bottom bend or slightly below when cold. Yes it is normal for the level to change like you saw.

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    I had major problems with this. I did an oil change last weekend. I pulled out a little less than 3 quarts. I put 3 quarts in and ran it in the water for 4 minutes. The oil was showing below the bottom mark so I added a little bit. I went out riding the following day and checked my oil on the water and was above the the top mark. I came back into the marina and said "F*CK IT!". I pulled out oil on the water until it was perfectly in the middle. I figured the ski in the water would be perfectly level. No problems since.

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