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    any tricks on how to remove ride plate?

    hey anyone have any tricks on how to remove the ride plate and intake grate on my 99 genesis, I removed all the screws, but this thing is like really stuck to the hull, I'm trying to replace the intake grate which is broken, seems to be held on by some grey caulking,
    Thank you

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    Do you need to remove the ride plate, or just the intake grate?

    The ride plate is well sealed to the hull from the factory.

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    Put your foot on the back end and hold on to the deck and push down with your leg. It will pop off (just make sure all the bolts are out first).

    Done it a couple of times.

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    i thought it would be easier to remove both, but i only need to replace the broken intake grate

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    You don't need to remove the plate to get the grate out. I would leave the plate on cause more times than not you'll bend the plate trying to take it off. If you have a heat gun...give it some heat as it will soften up the sealant they use to also apply the grate with.

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