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    yamaha 1200 need parts badly

    I just got a 1999 yamaha 1200 suv the only problems is i need a top rebuilt kit and a crank shaft cheap who can please help me

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    cheap? this is the non pv correct? a new hotrods crank is 499 and the typical topend piston kit is 399 just for a baseline

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    What do you call cheap?
    you can send your engine to SBT and get an rebuilded one send back to you for about $945. You save the time and labour of rebuilding the engine yourself.
    If you want to do it yourself, try they sell an complete premuim engine rebuild kit for about $839. It includes an hot rod crank, Wiseco Pistons kit (altough I ordered the kit with pro-X pistons), an complete engine gasket and seal kit. they also have an standard kit for about $736 they come with WSM pistons and crank. never used those so I have no experience with them. Good luck and let us know.

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    just fyi I run WSM and pro-X in two 1200's the piston's are of the same quality in my opinion

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