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    polaris throttle cable

    i have a broken throttle cable. it connects to the carb from the stator assembly and is approximatly 12 inches long. what is it called and where can i get one.

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    after more research this cable could be related to the oil pump

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    Hi Lee Welcome to the Hulk...

    It would help if you state what year and model. Most manuals can be found here.....

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    it is a 1999 polaris sltx

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    new fuel problem

    thanks guys, got the cable in but no fuel to carbs when squeezing the throttle. not sure if its the fuel pump or the carbs. what would be the trouble shooting for this.
    1999 polaris sltx 1050

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    running loud and smoking

    Disregard the last post, the machine is running!!!
    The problem (concern) is that it sounds rough and it is smoking.
    after replacing the oil pump cable i am concerned the tension on the cable is incorrect. how should the cable be seated on the brackets, i installed it as close to original as possible.

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