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    One Person PWC Launch

    We're new to ski's and I've been looking around for a safe procedure to do a one person launch from a boat ramp. There are times my wife doesn't want to go out with me and the kids.

    Is there a safe way to do a one person launch or is it rude to ask another person who has launched their boat for a hand?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just put the trailer in the water, get the ski off and park it at the dock, tie it down and then park your car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuprleNuprleGPR View Post
    Just put the trailer in the water, get the ski off and park it at the dock, tie it down and then park your car.
    Yeah, thats exactly what I do. With just a little practice you can do it real quick and easy. Try a few times when no one is around waiting to use ramp so you feel no pressure. I do have to wade in a bit but that just gets me acclimated.

    Double check to make sure drain plugs are in. When you pull ski out, make sure you lock ratchet on winch before you start driving up ramp.

    I put 42" pvc pipes on trailer so I dont lose sight of trailer when I'm backing down steep ramp w/o ski. That made a monumental difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianB35 View Post
    ...There are times my wife doesn't want to go out with me and the it rude to ask another person who has launched their boat for a hand?
    I dont think its rude at all. Ive gotten and given help on ramp many times.

    My brother and I used to go boating with dad all the time in the summer. Had a 16ft with a 100hp Johnson. Seemed like big power back then. Dad had me ride on top of closed bow with no seat to keep boat balanced clutching a thin rope. In hindsight, musta broken some law but I think thats where I got my love of cruisin waves with wind and spray right in the face.

    But taking boat in and out of water required a very rigid protocol. I had an irrational fear of it for many years because every time dad pointed out how winch handle spun around at great velocity and would bust your arm right off. Dad was very focused. Not a good multitasker. During launch, if you made a joke or asked an unrelated question, or created some diversion, well, best not go there.

    We lived on a narrow stretch of highway with a steep driveway, right angle to the road. If you couldnt back first time right into driveway, cars would start to back up quick. Road had no shoulder but deep ditches that could hang up car or trailer easy. Learned quick not to say much during these manuvers unless serious damage was imminent.

    When my bro and I started driving, towing and launching on our own we wondered what the big deal was all those years. But you know, every time Ive taken daughter out on water Ive pointed out that spinning winch handle and how it will break your arm right off.
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    ditto for the above.
    Prior to even backing up your ski, make sure the plugs are in, and do a quick dry fire. have your rope ready. Usually ramps have a "staging" area.
    Then, back that thang up, unload, tie up, go to tow vehicle, go park. very easy. nobody will give your flack, unless your there forever.

    Good Luck.

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    One big thing to remember. Start your ski before you leave the house and just before you back it in the water.
    Nothing will make you madder than driving to the water just to get there and the ski will not start.
    I seem to remember a post somewhere that had all of the basic dos and don'ts for beginners. If you can not find it, make sure you still ask for help.

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    Thanks for all the tips. I didn't want to be the new guy that ticks everyone off at the ramp. Your help is appreciated!

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    what ticks people off is taking mare than one lane when you back in! , working on your stuff when others want to launch, taking forever to launch, drying your stuff in the staging area , ETC I'm sure you will be fine Z

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    Another options is to use a long rope(30 ft), hook it to the ski and the other end to the trailer, unhook the ski from the trailer and back the ski into the water off the trailer, then pull the trailer up the ramp a little ways to get to the rope and pull the ski to the dock( or bank), that way you dont have to crawl over the ski, or get in the water( if its cold).........

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    I launch by myself all the time. It isn't bad at all. I have a 20 lb. mushroom anchor that I have a 5 ft rope tied to. On the end of the rope I have a caribeaner clip. If there is a line and I know I gotta be quick I put the anchor a little bit down from the ramp before I launch. Far enough away so that when I hook my ski to it, it won't float into anyone else's way launching. I usually do this while I'm sitting in line waiting. Sometime I just put the anchor in the foot wells before I launch if I've been to the launch and know where I'm going to anchor it out of the way. I back my ski in, unhook, pull my ski to the spot I've already found out of everyone's way and anchor it. Get back in my truck and pull away. No one has ever said I word to me.

    Remember this though, most of the people with boats go out once a week at the most, probably less. If you think they are fast you will be surprised. But get an anchor, it makes it so much easier. Costs me like 15 bucks to make. I usually take the anchor with me to the beach and leave it with friends or if by myself leave it on the shore, only had it taken once by some kids.

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