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    Offshore suit and helmet

    I know I'm riding a Honda, but it seems like the highest concentration of offshore riders is on this board. I just wanted to throw up a recommendation for Mustang Survival's anti-exposure suit for offshore riding:

    No, I don't work for or sell their stuff. I'm not a marketing shill - I'm just stoked on this thing. I just was looking for the right gear for me, riding out on SF Bay. Wetsuits seemed like they would be too cold initially, and I read that drysuits, if they rip, can take on water and pull you down. Since I ride alone on the bay, I was worried about this. Also, it seems like the seals on drysuits need a lot of maintainance, especially with salt water.

    The anti-exposure suit is perfect. It's designed to keep you alive in the water if you fall in, which I figured would be good if I got separated from my ski in the bay. It's got enough floatation to be a type V PFD, which is nice in addition to a regular PFD. It has a full seat, which means it doesn't get tight in the back if you are crouched over. The best thing is that I've been completely soaked, and it still keeps me warm. I've been out on SF bay on sailboats with foul weather gear and still been cold, so this is pretty sweet. And, because it's Coast Guard gear, it's not as expensive as the primo drysuits (mine was $360) Highly recommended for those getting something new...

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    Oh, and while I'm at it, I can't believe no one has recommended these helmets:

    They are narrower than a motocross helmet, so you won't get your head pulled off hitting the water. They are also designed for water - mine seems to dry off and drain really well. I just didn't see a full-face helmet that was this perfect for offshore skiing.

    Anyway, it's been working for me...

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