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    First start in or out of water?

    Hey everybody, I'm in need of some quick advice. Just installed my first replacement wear ring, and I'm kind of nervous. Should I start it for the first time with the new wear ring in or out of the water? Just wondering if I need to start it in my driveway first to make sure everything is fine. Hope someone can throw me a much needed tip. Thanks in advance!

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    I usually start mine at home before I hit the water just to be sure.

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    Alright, thanks for the help! I'll start her up tomorrow morning before we head to the lake.

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    I do the same. It doesn't hurt to start it out of the water for a few seconds. Give it a try before you even hook it up to the car just to make sure it starts. The very 1st thing I do when boating is to just start the thing in the garage and run it for just a couple seconds.

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