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    could same one tell me the difference of the racingenginnering
    pro block off with SLOTS AND without....

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    simply adjustability. perhaps the originals were made for one RXP hull, but no RXP hull is alike, so when others bolted them on they weren't a PERFECT fit.... and the gap was rather large to jsut fill with silicone.

    SO, what was done is people took a rotary tool grinder and elongated the bolt holes so that you could position the block-off where u wanted, and then tighten it in place.

    we dont know for sure, but Jerry thinks the new batches coming will come pre-drilled with elongated adjustable mounting holes so you can position them the the lines of YOUR hull.

    no different between them really.... you can mod urs to be the same way, just as a convenience they might be coming pre-drilled with adjustability

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    The next batch will come slotted for ease of installation.

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