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    Convert SLT700 to SLT750

    I currently have a SLT700 and I was wodering if it is possible to convert it to a SLT750? I know anything is possible but I guess what I am asking is can I pull one engine out and put the other one in? I do not want to have to do any fiberglass modifications or anything like that. I have a spare 750 engine driveshaft control box and I think everything I would need if this is possible.

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    I have a slt 700 that had hull damage, and I wanted to change everything over to another hull and 750's were all I found, but I was told that It would take fiberglass work. So I just did the repairs to the hull, but now I have a super clean 750 that needs an engine if you are interested in selling yours.

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    If you have the 750 elec system already. The engine mounts may be the only issue. I know my SL has provisions for a seperate motor mount location, maybe for the domestic engine?

    You'll also need the exhaust pipe and cooling hoses for the swap.

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