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    What is wrong with people?

    This guy who was camping next to us this past weekend had a boat and his friend had this doo.

    First thing these morons start doing is racing the boat vs doo in this little cove. This cove is no wake and marked by buoys out further to the left of this picture. Then he lets all the kids in his camp ride the doo in the cove. I would say the oldest kid was maybe 14 or 15. The wife had me grab the camera and snap some pics in case they hit some of our "toys." After the kids have all ridden and they are all standing at the water line he starts to splash them with the doo. The water was only about 2 feet deep where he was splashing so I hope he sucked something up and trashed his prop/wear ring.

    I did tell him it was a no wake after the racing 5 minutes after they got there and he did slow down a little after that, but once a moron always a moron.

    Yesterday after we packed up camp we setup a day camp a couple hundred feet from the dock. Stupid ass kids were swimming and one even crawled up on my doo. I was pissed, my kids would never do anything like that. Those same kids also thought it would be fun to play with the anchor and move it while my wife was out on her gtx. I finally went and said something to the father and he gives me attitude like I'm the a I didn't have the camera with me while near the dock so no pictures of that, and nothing good happened at the dock either....I was dissapointed
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    People suck man. Its what they do best.

    He will get his, and i woulda have done the same thing you did, until they crawled up on MY property. Thats like someone sittin in your car cause its there, or hanging out in your back yard.

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    That family sounds like canidates for the Jerry Springer show.

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    went down to seaside yesterday.i saw kids that were no more that 8-10 years old riding skis ALONE!! not to mention they were zippin up and down in a HUGE no wake zone were the state police are notoriuos(spelling?) for patroling. what kind of parent lets a 10 year old kid drive a ski alone? there are spots in that area that get very shallow very fast...i just cant imagine leting my 10 year old kid go wild in a no wake zone on a holiday weekend.

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    People are stupid and have no clue and no shame. Even if they got hurt due to their own stupidity they would probably try to blame it on someone else.

    People must think these are toys and that you can't get hurt because you will fall in water. The thing about kids riding them probably comes from dirt bikes, because small kids ride those. But if a kid is on a bike they probably pay more attention because they know the ground is going to hurt.

    There seems to be no end in site for stupid people. I almost ran over some kids on my superjet. Luckily I was going slow. This guy and his kids were diving with no dive flag. They just popped up and I almost shit in my shorts. He looked at me waving his arms and acting like I should pay attention to him diving. I had to go back to this moron and tell him that he needed a dive flag and that no one will know he is down there unless he had one.

    No wonder why kids today are so stupid, its because of stupid adults.

    Stupid people what is the best remedy when coming across one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hornet
    No wonder why kids today are so stupid, its because of stupid adults.
    Agreed. But also realize that kids will be kids. I guarantee everyone on this board did something stupid or illegal as a kid, and it wasn't because their parents didn't care.

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    unfortunately the kids learn the bad habits from the parents also, so if the parents are morons, so will the kids be to!

    More and more accidents could have been avoided if the parents were keeping an eye on the young ones!...PR...

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    should of invited godfather down. He would have probably knocked the father out then bent the kids over his knee.

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    It's people like that; that give the "normal" PWC owners a bad name and ruin the sport for the rest of us.

    I've had words with dumb asses like that. Kinda like talking to a rock. Parents ARE TO BLAME. Kids learn from their parents.

    I would have buried my foot in my kids ass if they ever pulled stunts like that. Some parents and kids have NO respect for other's property. My philosophy has always been, "spare the rod, spoil the child". Time out my ass.

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    See those people with SeaDoos how they are?

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