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    Starter relay prob... maybe something else?

    last summer I had a problem and had to replace my bendix. I pulled the motor
    and when I took apart the front cover I saw that the seal had failed and let
    water in the front cover.

    I replaced the bendix and also got a stator/cover from a gp1200 and put
    that on there. I also installed a new starter.

    I put the motor back in and ran it a while.... I took it to a local lake and ran
    it a bunch. I stopped it and it never restarted. I heard a buzzing noise
    comming from the CDI box. I kept trying to start it until the battery was
    dead (like 5 second bursts, over a few hour period... not all at once).

    I pull it out of the water and havn't touched it for like 6 months.

    Now when I try to start it (with a new, charged, battery) I don't get any of
    that "buzz". The display just says "start"

    I pulled the CDI box off. I pulled the brown wire off of the relay and touched
    it to 12v+ and got nothing. I jumped the 2 poles and the starter motor
    turned over.

    I tried to actually start the ski like this (key in, pressing start switch, while
    jumping the relay). It didn't fire (well, it tried once). I'm thinking mainly
    because it has been sitting for so long.

    I assume it's just the relay that needs to be replaced. Could it be anything
    else... what should I check?

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    shot u some things to check over at the other place! ssshhhhhhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMANN View Post
    shot u some things to check over at the other place! ssshhhhhhh
    hahah... yup... :

    I got it fired up!

    Let it rest an hour or two, put the (new) battery back on the charger...

    I put a little bit more oil & gas down in each cyl, cleaned the plugs and it
    fired up on the second try and kept running.

    Now I'm 100% sure its the relay.

    zmann: yeah, I connected +12v to the brown wire on the relay and it didn't
    do anything (it should have activated the relay). to put the pumps, intakes, and ride plates back on my ski's (I was
    putting on new parts) and get them out on the water!

    oh... and I gotta buy a relay!

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    it may not be the relay it may be a bad conection to the starter motor it happens all the time in my shop

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