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    Rising rate regulator question...

    If I set the regulator at 58-60psi but leave the boost line disconnected will it act exactly like the stock regulator?


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    interesting question sorry I can't answer that.

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    Yes. Great way to fine tune a mildly modded ski where you don't need the extra 10-12 pounds of net fuel pressure on top.


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    how will u set it without the boost line being connected?

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    Set the adjusting screw to the pressure you want. The regulator is very simple. It's spring pressure + boost pressure over fuel pressure. If you have no boost signal input just the spring pressure will control the fuel pressure, exactly like the stock regulator, except the rising rate can be adjusted to fine tune.

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    you set the initial pressure with just key on, engine off.
    Not having a vacuum/pressure line connected would
    not effect anything.
    When engine IS ON, then yes big effect.
    At vacuum , fuel pressure is actually reduced some.
    During boost, fuel pressure goes UP in relation to boost

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