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    RXP at races But XPL wins

    Congrats to AMY DHAWK and MITCH you guys are doing good racing the RXP. Amy is miss holeshot, and Mitch did a good job holding me off. Dhawk won a couple of races on the RXP. But the show of the day was STXR holeshot. (Awesome) but after a few laps Craig on the XPL would pass arminio on the stxr. So all of us RXP guys are wishing for xpl handling and Stxr holeshot.

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    That STXR was SICK out of the hole. That Miller XPL is an amazing machine as well. Those were fun races to watch.

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    A friend of mine told me that the XPL Craig Warner was on has an even faster motor for it. That was amazing seeing that XPL reel that kawi in. Best race I watched

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    Thanks Stan,
    My boat is starting to come together. Erminio's Kawi is a full blown 15F.

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    Thanks Stan but my race is Pro-am stock class 1st and a 2nd you and Amy are just to fast for my limited set up.I know how everyone else feels being behind those RXP'sCraigs XPL was just a 1050 big bore he has a stroker motor from Mel Miller for the big races.Whaching him almost makes me want my XPL back but I'm try to win on the RXP again this year.They almost DQ-ed me but was OK by the IJSBA.

    Congrats Stan on your win that RXP is fast off the line.

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