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    c 180 Reverse lever problem-Hour meter

    9 hours on my 2007 / C180. Must be at least 20 truthfully.

    Very stiff reverse lever which you have to slam all the way forward in order that you can use the throttle. I have sprayed lubricating penetrating oil on the shaft that comes through the hull just before where it connects to the pin lever assembly.There is a large boot at this point and when the reverse gate is moved forward and back a little droplet of water is expelled from around this seal. Any ideas? Is it easy to change this cable. Its under warranty but no dealer in Ireland now.
    Only one dess key supplied at purchase. Wondering should I have gotten 2.
    Is a "maintenance required " displayed at the 10 hour mark. I could do the oil and filter change but have no access to any software to reset display
    I feel like I am up S..t Creek
    All ideas appreciated as Summer is here

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    might be a bulletin on that

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