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    Boost guage vacume help!

    i have a manual boost guage im tryint to install i have read up and used the search feature but im confused even more about the vacume line.
    the guage is wired electrically and installed on the dry compartment.. the only thing is the d*mn vacume line.

    1) do i use the ic block off or do i use the nipples.

    can i see pics of where on it u drill and what size whole u drilled

    ( this is where i got toally confused) i was under the impression it was the very skinny nipple closest to the ic blockoff and that u drill inside it the tube slips over and u silicone and tie wrap. ( could be way off) then i saw a pic and someone was point to some nipple as round as a penny with a screw in the end so im a bit confused

    thanks very much for the

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    Its the smaller nipple. I think you drill it out with a 3/32" drill bit. You really don't need silicon a zip tie will do just fine. That is where I have my gauge hooked up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandboy View Post
    can i see pics of where on it u drill and what size whole u drilled

    anywhere on the blockoff it doesn't matter. My blockoff plugs come with the fitting already drilled and tapped in the center.

    and so does Riva's

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    thanks so now i got a fitting with my boost guage knock on wood its the same size size.. but i take the plug out put the valve in ..attach tube straight to valve on one end and straight to guage on other end?
    2 last question do i have to take off the blockoff plate to do this or can it be done while installed
    whats best to attach tube to fitting.. tie strap ok or do i need a touch of silicon or super glue?

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    does the plastic block off on the x boats unscrew also?

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