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    WB2 hidden transom damage - what the...?

    I installed an Aqua Step on the back of my Blaster 2 the other night. While drilling some 3/16" pilot holes for the mounts, I noticed that the little circular flaw I'd pointed out in an earlier post was exactly where the lower attachment bolt should go. Huh, that's an odd coincidence. But the really odd stuff happened when I went to the full-sized bit (I had to go buy some wierd bit size, like 25/64"). I started on the left side. I got about half way through the fiberglass, when the whole area around one side of the hole just caved in. Crap, I guess I shouldn't have put so much pressure on the drill. I'll have to fill that with some marine epoxy. Oh well, one mouning bolt out of six won't matter. So then I drilled the hole next to it, being extra gentle: slower drill speed, no pressure. Wham! Same thing happened. Then I realized I don't see solid foam behind the fiberglass. What the ---??? The lower hole drilled through without any problem, so I moved to the right side. Again, no problem with the upper mount holes, that is until got them drilled out and realized there is something other than foam behind them--the corroded remains of two expansion bolts that had been ground flush and glassed over. This ski clearly had had the same style of step, mounted in the same place, at some point previously. Sure enough, I took my dental pick to the lower point, where the flaw was. With a little probing the fiberglass plug just popped loose and there was another mangled expansion bolt.

    Why would anybody do something like that? It must have been professionally done, because it was nicely gel-coated. My only guess (given how fragile the left side was), is that somebody ripped the left side bolts out of the hull, took the step off, and just glassed over the affected area.

    With six holes already in my hull, I just used extra marine epoxy around the new expansion bolts when I put them in the raggedy holes and went ahead and put the step on. But I am wondering how long it will hold and be water tight. I might have to tear into my hull sometime soon. It worries me what other past damage might be hiding under that gelcoat, too.
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    bummer! I just put one on my xl and earlier on my SL I was able to thru bolt both of those and used a 1/4 inch backing plate inside the hull to boot ( i weigh 260) is the blaster not accessible on the inside?

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    ps these may help? they are called togglers and are available in ss they only require access to one side and are available in many thread sizes

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    You can't get anywhere near the backside of the transom on a B2, at least not that I can tell, and not without some serious disassembly.

    The Aqua Step comes with AVK expanding inserts, which are sort of similar to the toggler you showed. They're almost a metal version of the plastic expanding anchors you use for drywall.

    AVK instrucitons at

    One thing I noticed -- in comparison, the hull on our old GTS is built like tank.

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    Ok thanks for the link! I have used those before. well lets just hope it doesn't leak ever

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