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Thread: RXP-X Waterbox

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    RXP-X Waterbox

    dose RXP / Rxt shorty waterbox will fit with RXP-X
    and which one is the best

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    No, there is a whole different exhaust system for 2008. You could get a J pipe and run a shorty box. You will also have to relocate to IC.

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    the 2004 to 2007 RXT/RXP GTX SC waterboxes are all the same, they all run with a Jpipe and a waterbox.
    but they will not fit the new 2008 exhaust setup.
    2008 skis have a different pipe, Tpipe, we call it, and waterbox is completley different.
    the 08 setup is better, but no one has an aftermarket waterbox for it yet.
    wait a few weeks and it will be out by then hopefully.
    probably the best option will be the new GIBSON muffler thet hydrojunkie is working on. i do not know if jerry(mr greenhulk) is even going to make a waterbox for the new 08 skis, he might just sell the GIBSON setup. that is my guess.
    you need a rear thru hull exhaust exit, and whatever waterbox you decide to buy.

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    or you could cut you stock 08 waterbox and make your own shorty waterbox. just make sure when you cut the rear thru hull to the RIVA location so if you want to put in an aftermarket kit it wil still line up.
    get the exit pipe welded to line up with the riva location.

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