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    Can U haul double jet-ski lift on a 8x10 trailer?

    I believe it is shore station, hand crank both at the same time. Sorry no pics or model number to give you, the guy selling is not too knowledgable about the equipment. Since it is 2.5 hour drive, I want to bring the right vehicle/trailer. So let's say its a large, galvanized steel unit, will I be able to get it in on a snowmobile trailer (8x10) or do I need to bring the gas guzzler and car hauler?
    Again, I realize it could any size but I thought some might be able to chime in and get me close or save a screw up...

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    Anyone have a friend of a friend's uncle who has a shore station there cousin helps bring to the lake?
    You know, if the gas weren't 50 bones a gallon I wouldn't need to bother you all..

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