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    Aftermarket Tachometer

    I need to pull a signal off the engine for my teleflex tachometer on my boat conversion. The problem is that the tach is not really set up in an ideal way. A signal is supposed to be pulled off the negative side of the coil, and a switch on the back of the tach allows you to select either 4,6, or 8 cylinder engine. It also has an alternate way to pull the signal off the alternator and set the switch for how many poles the alternator has. Obviously this is a problem because the 4 tec engine has individual coils, 3 cylinders, and a magneto rather than an alternator.

    Any suggestions as to where I should pull a signal which will give me the proper tach reading?

    Here is what I am thinking. I might pull the signal off the crankshaft position sensor, and then set the switch on the tach to 6 cylinder engine. Since the crank would send two signals for every one firing of a cylinder, It should be double what a 3 cylinder engine would send. Does this make sense? Will it work? And of course, is there an easier way?

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    Some have just wrapped the inductor wire around one of the coils inside the hole.

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