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    Garmin GPS use question?

    I have the GPSmap76, can I recall the max speed? is it somewhere in any kind of memory?...PR...

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    you have to go into the MENU and change the fields so that one of your fields displays MAX SPEED.

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    scroll to trip computer (or trip, or something trip)
    look at max speed in the bottom left

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    You can also find the max speed in the Trip Computer section.

    Highlight TRIP COMPUTER Press ENTER

    Another MENU press will let you reset the various fields found there.

    We have ours set to display the current speed in Large format. THis gives enough room to see the map as well as an accurate speed. We use the Trip Computer for a record of the day.

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    Hey Guys, thanks, that worked! I was going to post pic of max ski speed, but had the GPS with me in the car, so I don`t think my ski was going 89.1 Duh!, I`ll do it again next time out...PR...

    Did manage to coax another 69.1 out of the GTX on Fathers Day!...

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