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    Smile REbuild cost for GPR1200

    What is the avg. shop charge for rebuilding a gpr1200,and carbs ,labor only thanks >Marvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjetskey View Post
    What is the avg. shop charge for rebuilding a gpr1200,and carbs ,labor only thanks >Marvin
    I would guess low end would be $1500, high end $2500. There are lots of determining factors that could have a positive or negative effect on the cost.
    Depending on the situation, there are always a lot of options too.

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    the crank condition is a huge variable as are cylinder walls on that machine

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    I did mine (did the work myself) for under a grand.. more like $700 in total parts cost. But my crank and Cyls. were good.. I got 3 pistons, carb parts, gaskets, 2 crank seals, a few replacement bolts, and a couple of replacement parts.

    The part that killed me was the tools/little things to remove this, and test that. (pop off tester, prop tools, PTO tool, etc)

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    My cost on parts including one cylinder,1 piston,a starter relay,3 sets rings,gaskets,D ring,temp chip,3 carb kits 893.00 total ,I just am a stickler for having everything spotless,and clean,which takes lots of time,The crank is good,I was going to charge hhim a total of 900.00 labor as I rebuilt carbs,pulled engine complete to inspect crank close.These dont have near as many special tools as a seadoo Thanks so much for all your replys ,This is awsome forum,I enjoy just reading and trying to help someone every now and again!Thanks>Marvin

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