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    How many hours on your 951 DI motor?

    closing the deal on a 04 XP DI with 70 hours, seems about right for the year..20 / summer here in WI. Wondering what the lifespan is given all the variables- properly winterized, maintained etc etc.
    What is the most a motor can go before a they hit 200 hours?

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    I personally believe asking how many hours a jet ski will last is like asking how many miles will a car last. It is a huge variable that is determined between maintance and care for that item.

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    I just traded my 951 DI for the RXTX. The 951 Di had something like 220 hours on it and the thing was still going rediculously strong.

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    Average life with decent maintenance is at least 250-300 hours. After that it's gravy. You will probably have to replace the $600 fuel pump before that though

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    I've got between 230 and 240 hours on my '01 RX-DI and it has been perfect.

    It still fires right up and pulls just as strong as it did when I got it. (Purchased used with 27 hours)

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    Close to 375 on my RXDI Modded up pretty good also.

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    Thanks guys-
    I totally realize that it is like asking about mileage on a car, but here in WI watersports just dont seem to be on the same gauge. The average guy, who doesn't read around on forums such as this might think that 100hours is near the end of its running life. I would have guessed 100 hours would be the point that I would a say too much=of having 200,000 miles or something. Judging by the numbers given, again alll variables aside, 70 hours is like buying a vehicle with 50-70,000 miles...??? riden, but plenty of service life before major repairs.

    375 hours, is that like the dude with a million miles on the 91 350 chev? LOL

    Anyway, your posts and opinions are helpful, thanks-

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    I got about 90 hours on my 03 XP DI, then the engine looked like this:
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    I have ~170 hrs on mine. I never had any issues till I installed the Level1 last season which turned out to be the fuel pump. Just replaced it a few weeks ago and it is running stronger than ever.

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    Jacke- now that is where "burnt it down" came that looks expensive.
    MOST, news has been encouraging. Seems its the same sort of deal on, most agree on the issues of the 951 with some varying opionions but for the most part the 98-04 hull will do what I am hoping it will do.
    Coming from a 97 SPX, I think I am in for a real treat.

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