I just picked up Two 1997 XP's. One runs great but broke a motor mount and has an intermittant starting issue (turned out to be a corroded socket at the MPEM connector). For this ski I'm looking for:

1 rear motor mount (I believe Lft & Rt are the same)

Coupling Bushing?? It's the plastic/Rubber thing that goes between the engine coupler and extension shaft. They are flower shaped and have eight points. The ones I've seen are red.

5 MPEM connector sockets. I know this is an odd request, but I know I keep some of the strangest things...some of you guys do, too! These are the sockets that go inside the Connector at the MPEM. Surely someone out there has a junk harness with a few good sockets inside the connector.

I know the sockets are only $2.40ea at the online store here, but if I can get the other parts I need from someone here, it's worth posting the need for the sockets.

Possibly a buzzer/beeper.

For the second ski I'm looking for:

Cylinder jug
exhaust pipe
Rotary cover/Intake manifold

Thanks for Looking Guys!! Let me know what you got!