Went riding this weekend. Winds picked up on Sunday and 3 to 4 foot swells formed quickly. I was listening to the radio and they had a report of a male injured on a Sea-Doo. I went down to the launch ramp to see if I could help since I am a life guard.

I guess the guy was jumping his new RXT and he fell off. Ended up hitting his side on the ski some how. He either dislocated his hip or broke it. His right leg was 3 times the size of his left. His friend who was also riding a RXT couldn't get him back on the ski. Dude was in major pain. A boat driving by picked him up and took him to the marina.

The rangers got there and Mercy Air had to air lift him out. The flight nurse gave him a high dose of morphine, but he was still in major pain.

Just reminding everyone, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!