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Thread: Fx Ho Rpm Kit

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    Fx Ho Rpm Kit

    me and a friend are putting on the whole rpm kit on a 06 fx ho on the mr-1 engine there is a cover over the motor..throttlebodies and airbox i think to prevent water intrusion we we're wondering should you still run it with this cover or is it robbing you air and rpm's with it on?

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    just wondering because it looks like evne without the velocity stacks there isnt much space between the air filter and the cover.

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    the filter pulls air in from the sides not the top, so yes keep the cover on!

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    used riva velocity stacks anyone? need a set asap

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    what top speed are you getting with the rpm kit and is it a big difference with the velocity stacks and power filter??? do you have any video clips of how it sounds because i have a 09 fx ho and im planning on putting the free flow exhaust but wanted to know how it sounds

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    to be honest. i installed each part of the stage one kit on my 06 fxho one at a time and i didnt get ANY speed till i put in the impeller, but it could have been because of my bad wear ring and chipped up stock impeller.

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