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    06 RXT Vibration

    I am not sure if this is normal or i am being completely paranoid. I have 7 hrs on this thing so far, and when around 5200 to 5500 i hear a vibration, kind of sounds like a resonant frequency. Anyone else ever experience this?

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    Kind of hard to say without hearing it for myself. I remember my machine being pretty calm at all RPM`s, but since I have installed a hand full of mods, I feel some vibration as well, for me it could be the 3 blade prop, who knows!?

    I would check the machine, the pump, look in there for weeds, stick maybe a knicked up blade on the prop, look for the obvious...PR...

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    You sucked something up.

    Turn off the ski then right when you turn it on GUN IT!!!!

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    I guess that does make sense about sucking something up. There is nothing in there, so maybe there is a knick on the prop. The river has been so high because of all the rain, and there is a lot of crap floating around.

    Assuming this is the problem, this will not cause any damage to the drivetrain if left unfixed will it?

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    with the stock resonator in place there is a resonance at around that RPM, perfectly normal, though I remembered mine doing it loudest at around 5000 rpm.

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    Normal , some skis do it, some don't but it does not seem to hurt. Mine has done it since new and still does it. Its anoying, but I live with it.

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    I am not sure if this is in my head or not, but the vibration seemed to have gotten worse. I was running the ski on the hose and when i revved it tou 3000 rpm the exhaust hose jolted and an interesting noise/vibration is made. I have 11 hrs on the ski now, oil is clean as a whistle and it is turning 8040 RPM, which leads me to believe the SC and engine are both fine. Am I being paranoid or should i have it looked at? Thanks!

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    Pull the pump... Check for debris.

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    My 05 RXT had a annoying sound around 5000 much different than my 03 SC but I now have thru hull exhaust

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