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    Challenger C180 mods 2006

    I have 06 Challenger, wondering what mods are fairly easy and make some difference. Sorry for such a noob question, but this is my first Jet Boat and I don't want to screw it up.

    TIA Ned

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    ncarbon, welcome to the forums :

    Just for future reference, there is a Seadoo Sportboat specific forum listed on the main index page...Check it out as you will find some mods that have already been done by our members.


    My stock 05 C-180 went 47mph tops and more like 44 with full tank and family on board. I have done everything listed except for the last three mods and was able to hit 51.8mph with better acceleration using my repitched stock impeller. I installed the skat trac 3 blade 13/17 pitch and acheieved a best of 49.3mph with 1/2 tank and one person. I plan on playing with impeller pitch as you want to maintain max rpm (8100)
    Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions...this is a great forum with great people!


    * 4" Cold air intake (replaces stock air box)
    * Filled ride plate/intake grate holes (use ultra black/right stuff silicone or jb weld marine stick which requires some sanding)
    * Free flow or thru-hull exhaust (replaces restrictive stock resonator)
    * Impeller repitched to optimum rpm (pitch dependant on level of mods)

    If you want to spend the cash:
    Stage II
    * Solas "R" Impeller or Skat Trak 3 Blade
    * External intercooler (XSPOWER, RIVA, ROTAX RACING)
    * Aftermarket ECU (Rotax Racing, Riva)
    * Aftermarket Supercharger Impeller (Rotax Racing, Riva)
    * Bigger injectors (Rotax Racing, Riva)

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