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    Carbon fiber vinyl wrapped windscreen

    I know it's what the kids in their Honda Civics do, but has anyone tried this? There's some pretty realistic looking carbon fiber vinyl out there... like this:

    I was thinking of trying to wrap my windscreen cowl thingy in it. My only concern is that the vinyl will be too stiff to make it around all of the contours... maybe a heat gun will help soften it?

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    Joel, in my honest opinion, that is going to look like dog doo doo. This is the way to go, for $130 these are seriously tight! He makes them in several colors and the workmanship looks to be top notch.

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    Dog doo, maybe! I'm just one to go the cheap way first and see if i'm happy, THEN go the traditional route if things don't work out.

    I may give this a try sometime this summer to see how it turns out if nobody else has done so already.

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