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    04 GTX start button

    ive searched through almost all the threads here but to no avil. My 04 GTX start button is not working as well as it use to be. It seems like the connection is not hitting, however if i remove the key, and then put it back on it will generally start with out a problem. If anyone has any thoughts or remedies for this, let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Clean your lanyard real good as well as the post

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    Had a similar issue with an 05. Went down to the soleniod and removed the connector to check if the start button was sending the signal to the solenoid. It was, so we replaced the solenoid. Problem solved. The whole time we could hear a click going on which lead us to the discovery. Took it apart and it was preety well used up. Look at the solenoid......could be the problem. The switch is not hard to change if it turns out be it. Have your wire harness tools handy being it is part of the harness assy. At least the 05 was that way.....Have a multimeter handy to do the electrical checks....good luck

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