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    86 JS-550 ++Performance, $500 takes all, Chicago

    I'm moving so I need to liquidate.

    I'm TRYING to sell this complete before I part it out; hopefully someone wants an early-season project!

    1986 JS-550 standup, complete. Needs to be put back together. I have the title but it's not in my name as I never got it switched becuase I never finished the damn thing.

    -Brand new crank with all new bearings
    -Kerker pipe
    -Westcoast Exhaust manifold
    -New polespring
    -New (not installed) hood gasket
    -Tether switch (brand new never installed)
    -Working starter
    -R&D? rideplate. I'd have to check but it's not stock.

    To complete this you'll need some sort of performance intake mani and carb (Need at least a single 44 with the other bolt-ons, I have the stock POS BN carb and intake for it). Needs hydro-turf and throttle of some sort. I was going to port the cylinders, but never got around to it. Freshly honed.

    The previous owner spray-bombed it with black, looks like **** but with aircraft stripper all the paint comes right off, down to the original (There's like 5 layers of paint). He also performed some real quality glass work on a 10 inch section of it, I would suggest grinding it down and doing it over.

    $500 and some TLC and you'd have a nice 550 that'll really move! PM or post below if interested.

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    Am I way over on this or something? I have much more than $500 into it.


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    good price some pics might help if you were near me i know id jump on it

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    I had some pictures but my server crashed and I had to restore a backup that didn't have them.

    Just imagine a semi-gloss ugly hull with a whole pile of parts!

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