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    GP1300 wont start????

    i had my ski parked on trailer for about 3 weeks.2 days before i could ride it i started it on the trailer and i started perfect.went to lake day before yesterday launched the ski,it started perfect,after like 5 minutes the warning beep came on,and the engine management indicator starting flashing.i switched off and tried restarting but just swings wud no start.the battery gauge shows 11.5 volts.and when u swing the ski the battery gauge shows LOW while pressing start button

    could it be the battery or an engine problem.???

    please advise as i sont wanna go investing in a new battery cause the engine managemnet indicator bothers me.would it show if battery low??

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    both mine get funny about starting under 12.4 volts so i would say you have battery problems

    jump it off your car or truck with leads to find out if the bats gone

    if you can get it started press and hold function to get engine code if not a battery

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    i pressed the function me error code 01.what does that mean?

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    Here are the codes.

    How old is the battery ?

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    i bought my ski used and its a 2005 i think the battery is pretty old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Full_Throttle View Post
    i bought my ski used and its a 2005 i think the battery is pretty old
    This would be a good place to start. EFI boats like a good battery to fire off.

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    im definately changing the battery

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    check the plug on the voltage reg.also,sometimes corrosion will cause problem

    later cd

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