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    Question check valve

    where can i get check valves,their r no dealers within a 100 mi of me. is this correct, u shouldnt b able 2 blow any air through from 1 side like u can the other? i hear a small amt of air when i blow through the valve. would a bad valve in the fuel tank vent cause a fuel smell under the hood. there is always an oder,strong enough that it bothers me,there r no leaks any where,no choke problems,but have fuel oder from somewhere. could a bad check valve in vent line cause any problems with the way engine runs,like running lean,ect? need an answer asap PLEASE D-wolf

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    did you check the air breather hose that is connected on the top of the fuel tank, it is a plastic nipple that has a tendancy to break, thus the smell of fuel in the engine compartment

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