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    Argh! grate missing bolts?

    Good grief, can`t a guy get a break already for petes sake?
    I mean do we have to check freakin everything, ALL the time?
    I climbed under the ski to look at the boot/shaft and saw 1 M6X16 bolt in the rear section of grate was gone! and another was loose!>
    WTF, Good thing I had just 1 in my stash with washer, remove the remaining M6X16 and lok-tited them and re-torqued. another Good thing is that the rear section also had silicone beded into the underside and filled in the gap around the mounting flange.

    Should I just shoot the flare gun now!? ...PR...

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    C`mon, nobody else, you guys are lame ...PR...

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    06 isnt your year....seems like you have been through it all, maybe nothing else can go wrong. Think positive!!!

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    The more mods, the more things you check...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawz
    The more mods, the more things you check...
    That`s a given, but can`t it stay together at least a few hours, sheesh! ...PR...

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