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Thread: Sea Doo XP's

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    Sea Doo XP's

    I have an opportunity to get a pair of XP Limited's, a 98' and a 97 with a new engine. The 98' has less than 100 hours.
    Seller wants 4K including the tandem trailer.
    Skis have very little hull scratches and no apparent damage and appear to be in very good condition.
    Problem is, I can't test them until I have paid a non-refundable deposit.
    Hard to decide what to do.
    Any suggestions?
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    I paid $3k for two 1996 XP's on a dual traile and one had a siezed motor. The hulls were in very decent shape with the upper body being in great shape for the year. I would think you are getting a good deal since they are newer than mine and I got a STEAL!!

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    Thanks for the response 240. If my bid on these Limiteds holds up, I'm going to get them this weekend.
    I fully expect to put some labor and money into them, but if I can get them for 4K, it will free up some money for me to put into getting them all squared away.

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    FIrst thing is the 97 is not a limited. It was first year of new hull but had smaller 785 motor. Was actually slower than 96 XP. The 98 has 951 motor and if proper care has been done, then sounds like a great deal. You need to get verifiable compression readings from the 98 model. That will give you an idea if motor is in good condition, regardless of hours. That first year motor had numerous issues with water injestion for various reasons that were easily resolved. Other fuel line problems on all older models has caused its share of engine failures too. Even if skis are low milage, sitting for long periods of time will allow fuel to varnish and requires carbs to be removed, cleaned up and fuel lines replaced.

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    sounds like the seller is trying to "get rid of a problem"

    a NON refundable deposit???? just to see if the item THEY are selling is worth it??? and to check if he not trying to SCAM someone.

    and if its NOT????? he keeps your money because you prove he is selling a peice of shit or a problem ski????????

    Sounds like the only one that wins is HIM.... ether way....

    If you got "cash in hand" and the machines where worth buying then I can't see why the need for a non returnable DP..

    IMO- the price is a bit high too..
    A 97 will run mid 50's--- ive seen these sell running for around $1000
    a 98(like mine) ran about 62's-- appox 2000 if mint-more likely $1500

    Seams you could get a single 4tec rxp-rxt - gtx for that same money and be much happier in the end...

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    Thanks guys. The non-refundable deposit is part of his terms and is in line with E-Bay policy, but I understand the concern because it's the primary concern I have too.
    I definitely want to think about plunking down 500 bucks for a load of headaches.
    If I decide to opt out with the winning bid, my name will be mud on E-Bay, but that's OK too if it saves me money and headaches.
    Tough call for me.
    I've had good success using E-Bay but it's hard to swallow a deal sight unseen and untested.

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    Dont worry about that $500 bucks. Once your modification addiction sets in it will seem like a couple pennies!

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    Probably true.

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    Run the 98 on the trailer with the hood open because 95% of 951 motors need pistons. They water ingest really easy and are easy to hear and even if you remove the rave valves you wont see the seizer because it will be on the back side of the piston where you cant see it with out pulling the cylinders. If it is the motor will have a super load knock and you will hear it right away. I wouldent worried about the 97 because that 800 motor is alot tougher but I would still check it over. Just my experience from working on them for 15 years.

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    Thumbs down

    "Problem is, I can't test them until I have paid a non-refundable deposit."
    Nuff said..................tell him thanks but no thanks.

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