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    for whend a turbo for the 250???

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    there is rumors of a kit coming out but it remains to be seen it is feasible to fab a turbo kit up and retain the factory intercooler, you just need to be good with a welder and tubing bender

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    I would think twin turbo......

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    I was doing some research on the net and came across TwinCharge, adding a turbo with the supercharger.

    What are your opinions on this?
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    Twin charging is more common with street-driven cars (not strip, for strip they just jack the gears, clutch or converter way up, since driveability is not an issue), and is usually done for reasons very specific to cars and not applicable to jetskis ... On cars, they usually retain a Roots type supercharger for instant boost and power, and have the turbo to get higher boost than the Roots would provide, but with less heating of the air at high boost, as well as zero turbo lag. It can work well, especially if the supercharger is outside its efficiency window (or just totally maxed out) at boost levels that are 'too low' for the power wanted. It is also done on cars since you are trying to achieve tons of power down low to help take off. By the way, check out Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, they did a good article on dyno testing a twin charged 4.6 V8; it made good power, but made far better power once they eliminated the supercharger and just ran turbocharged.

    Not much of this applies to jetskis ... due to the slip of the pump, rpms instantly jump up to where a turbo is already making significant boost, so turbo lag is not nearly as much of an issue. If you want more power and speed, a turbo can run 30+ lbs boost. But there is no advantage in keeping the supercharger when you go turbo, it would actually be a restriction and add parasitic drag. The turbo skis when set up well are very fast out of the hole and are making boost very quickly, again largely due to the pump allowing rpms to jump up (similar to a very high stall converter in a car).

    Bottom line ... if you choose to go turbo, size it right to run 20 - 25 lbs boost and get rid of the supercharger ... it is only a liability once you go turbo and would only slow you down.

    And twin turbo??? Any reason why? Twice the cost, twice the plumbing headaches, and there just is not the room in a jetski ... plus no performance gain, one (correctly sized) turbo will provide MORE boost than you will ever want to use. Switching to a turbo will reduce holeshot a little, but the upside potential is huge.
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    the correct term is called compound boost....

    read that article it explains the compound boosting and the effect it has on the motor, power and torque curves and overall power production

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    when will we be able to purchase a kit on the online store????

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    any one heard of MACC'S TURBO ???

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